Open Source Developer

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By the end of this course, if you do all of the exercises and additional reading, and understand all of the material, you will be prepared to serve quite well in many beginner Open Source software development environments. Course Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and knowledge of HTML fundamentals. Prior Programming experience is helpful but not required

Employment Objective

Student Will Learn:

Operating System basics
Linux shell commands
Programming basics in Python
Web System Basics
Database basics using Postgresql
Web Server
Service Basics using Django,
ReSTful services
Final Exam and Discussion
Mock Interview Preparation

Open Source Developer Course Overview:

Operating System basics, Linux shell commands

Computer basics: understanding what hardware and software really are
Linux scripting: bash shell basic commands. Navigating and using the command line effectively, I/O
Vim (vi) editor basics: mnemonic commands, and how to create/save/reuse files
Linux system admin basics: file system layout, starting/stopping processes, logging, and basic security

Programming basics in Python

Primitive types
Difference between run-time type identification and compile-time type identification (and hybrids).
Byte code vs. Compiling binaries.
Loop constructs, Iterators, Generators, Being conscious of memory, garbage collection, lazy loading
What is Big-O notation? How to calculate it?
I/O: File, Pipe, Stream, Socket
Algorithms: Sorting, Searching, Simple Math (Fibonacci, Factorial, FOIL
Very basic overview of common interview problems: Traveling salesman, Professors-Forks, Hungarian/Bipartite, and Markov

Web System Basics, Database basics using Postgresql

Apache and NginxBasic web security, how javascript is not secure, denyhosts, fail2ban, common hacks
Process management, data store, configuration
Table constructs, foreign keys, cascade deletes
Queries, sorting, order_by, group_by, limit, Inner and Outer joins
Design your own db model based on in-class scenarios

Web Server/Service Basics using Django, Building ReSTful services

URLs, how they get resolved, Templates
Models, basic syntax, Views, tying it all together
Middleware, Settings, dynamic by machine
Generating db tables, running simple web app
ReST concepts, predictable URLs
MIME types: straming PDFs, images, protocols, etc.
Final Exam and Discussion
Mock Interview Preparation

Open Source Developer
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Open Source Developer
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
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Open Source Developer
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
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Open Source Developer
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
$3,300.00 Enroll Now
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