Medical Coding CPT

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p> In this course, we're going to learn medical coding from the ground up. Whether you are new to medical coding, or already have experience, this course is written in 'laymen's terms' yet is comprehensive enough to help even seasoned medical coders. The healthcare industry, complex and rigorous even for the most knowledgeable and thorough of professionals, requires that paperwork be submitted both in a highly, accurate, and timely manner. The area of healthcare involving the completion of paperwork outlining patients' billing histories and submission of them to the individual's insurance company for reimbursement is known as 'medical billing'. Within medical billing there exists the practice of 'medical coding' whereby codes are assigned to medical procedures and diagnoses in order to relay in a universally accepted medical language information to the insurance company or in some cases, governmental agencies.


What you will learn:

1. Evaluation & Management (E/M) Coding,
2. Surgery & Integumentary System Coding
3. Anesthesia, Cardiovascular,
4. Respiratory, Musculoskeletal Systems
5. General Surgery, Radiology,
6. Pathology Coding, CPT Coding Practice Problems
7. Introduction to Documentation (Medical History)
8. Medical Examination, Decision Making, and Selecting the Correct Code,
9. Issues with Fraud and Abuse

Evaluation & Management (E/M) Coding, Surgery & Integumentary System Coding

1. Evaluation and Management (E/M): Introduction
2. Basic E/M Coding
3. Essential E/M Terminology
4. E/M Codes Used to Identify Five Presenting Problems
5. Selection of an E/M Problem Service Level
6. Six Steps to E/M Coding, Indexing of Surgeries,
7. Surgery CPT Coding Guidelines, Separate Procedures
8. Subsections: Unlisted Procedures and Special Reports
9. Surgical Destruction
10. Surgeries: Integumentary System, Integumentary System Procedures

Anesthesia, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal Systems

1. Anesthesia: Introduction, Anesthesia: Four Types, Anesthesia: CPT Coding of Anesthesia Services
2. Physical Status Modifiers, Qualifying Circumstances
3. Changes to CPT Anesthesia Codes
4. Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), MAC Summary
5. Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal Systems: Overview
6. Cardiovascular System
7. Respiratory System
8. Respiratory Treatment Newly Assigned CPT Code
9. Musculoskeletal System
10. Musculoskeletal System: Definitions

General Surgery, Radiology, Pathology Coding, CPT Coding Practice Problems

1. Radiology: Definition, Radiology: Separate Procedures, Radiology: Subsection with Notes
2. Radiology: Categorical Subheadings, Pre-Classifications
3. Exploding Costs in Diagnostic Imagery, Increasing Reimbursement Rates for Radiological Services
4. Pathology: Definition and Overview, Pathology: Categorical Listing of Subheading, New Pathology/Laboratory Codes for 2007
5. Pathology/Laboratory Subsection: General Guidelines, Pathology Laboratory: Modifiers
6. CPT Coding Questions: Series Ranges, E/M Codes,
7. CPT Coding Questions: Anesthesia
8. CPT Coding Questions: Surgery
9. CPT Coding Questions: Radiology
10. CPT Coding Questions: Pathology| Laboratory & Modifiers

Introduction to Documentation (Medical History) Medical Examination, Decision Making, and Selecting the Correct Code, Issues with Fraud and Abuse

1. Medical Record, Encounter Forms & SOAP Formatting
2. Medical Records Documentation: Writing a SOAP Note, SOAP Content, Online Interaction
3. AMA Guidelines for Physician-Patient Email Communications, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
4. Personal Health Record (PHR). Medical Decision-Making, Deciding Factors
5. Precision Code Selection, Selecting the Right Code
6. Common Coding Mistakes, Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Climate
7. Department of Health and Human Services' on
8. Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
9. False Claims Act, Role of the Auditor
10. Solutions for Avoiding Medical Billing Fraud and Abuse

Medical Coding CPT
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
01/08/2018 02/28/2018
Medical Coding CPT
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
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Medical Coding CPT
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
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Medical Coding CPT
5 Hours a Day 4 Days a Week
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