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EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery/Virtualization Technology Professional E| CDR, E| CVT


EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery/Virtualization Technology Professional E| CDR, E| CVT Continuing Education Program Updates


In today's era, virtualization technologies render various benefits. It gives the advantage of additional flexibility as well as cost savings while deploying a disaster recovery solution. Virtualization slackens the usage of hardware at a disaster recovery site and makes recovery operations easier. It is an enlightened idea to use virtualization in a disaster recovery environment. Previously, it was tedious as well as pricey to get two identical servers. It was essential that hardware in main and backup locations of both the servers should be similar. But with the advent of virtualization, hardware costs have reduced considerably owing to several machines being hosted on a single server. This course starts with fundamentals of disaster recovery and covers advance disaster recovery concepts involving SANs, NASs and showcase various methods and processes that should be followed during disaster. This course outlines credible disaster recovery and business continuity plan for the any organization irrespective of their size.

Employment Objective

Course Module:

Introduction to Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Nature and Causes of Disasters
Laws and Acts
Information System Security Issues
Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
Business Continuity Planning & Management
Contingency Planning for Information Technology Systems
Risk Management
Risk Assessment
Risk Evaluation Responsibilities
Risk Control Policies and Procedures
Risk Counter measures and their Effects
Access Controls & Administrative Measures
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Data Backup and Recovery
Implementing Offsite Backup
Disaster Recovery Services
Enterprise Backup and Business Continuity Tools
Virtualization for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
DR Practices and Legal Compliance Issues
Case Studies
Templates and Checklists
Certification and Accreditation of IS
Introduction to Virtualization
Virtualization Security
VMware ESXi on Linus Platform
VMware Virtual Appliances
Microsoft Virtualization
Citrix Xen Virtualization
Sun Virtualization
HP Virtualization
Red Hat Enterprise Linus Virtualization
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AEC2)

Who should Attend?

System administrators, Systems engineers, Enterprise system architects, Hardware engineers, Software engineers, Technical support individuals, Networking professionals, IT managers and any IT professional.


42 Hours

Exam Information

Exam Questions: 50 Questions
Exam Duration: 2 Hours
Passing Score: 70%



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