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Certified Network Defense Architect


  • What is CNDA?
  • How can I be eligible for CNDA certification?
  • How do I apply for CNDA?
  • Do I need to renew my CNDA annually?
  • How much is the CNDA processing fee?
  • I have taken the CEH exam and I work for a Government/ Military Agency – Can I be “grandfathered” for the CNDA certification?

CNDA, which stands for Certified Network Defense Architect, is specially designed for Government Agencies or Military Agencies around the world.

You need to first obtain CEH certification from IIT and must be employed by a government or military agency or be a contract employee of the Government.

Please submit the CNDA Application Form and remit the application fee of USD200 at our online store. For further enquiries, please contact at

No. CNDA validity is the same as the CEH certification.

The CNDA processing fee is USD 200 and is payable at here.

Yes. please contact at


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