Job Assistance

Training Workshop

These are snap workshops to train more on recently emerged developments in the niche areas of the technology. This is just a process of making students up-to-date on their previously acquired knowledge. A required addition of expertise makes the trainee more efficient and thus render highly productive. These workshops are mostly industry driven and an on-demand phenomenon. Institute of Information Technology School will prepare the modules and run the workshops as required by the assigning companies.

Resume Workshop

The Institute of Information Technology will arrange several workshops per year on the aspects of Resume Preparation and mock job interviews. These workshops will be open to all trainees and students of Institute of Information Technology as well as those who are in need of. Preparation of Resume varies widely according to the needs and asking of the specific industry of employers. Even the interview pattern varies depending on the industry. Our objective is to equip students with soft skills that will help them achieve higher rate of success in practical resume submissions and interviews.

Current Job Posting Portal

The Institute of Information Technology will keep intimate relations with companies who are always on the look for talents. This is our HR function as educational entity to arrange Job Placements. With this significant responsibility in mind, Institute of Information Technology intends to maintain a Job portal within its web site, which will work as job marketplace. We will maintain this Portal with utmost care in all respects.

Job Support

All of our trainees and students will have access to instructors and other resources for extensive job support while on the job.

Current Job Posting Portal

It could be a Social Business on business model , or an NGO just for any specific purpose. A social service oriented web site will mostly focus on users experiences based on the users demographics. Health Insurance Merchant site and Public Service Health Provider site are two different equation in approaches.





The certification exams can even be taken here, as Institute of Information Technology is an Authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center. We can be reached at 718.707-9301.