Web App Development

Institute of Information Technology is perfectly placed in the dynamism of developing Websites for a wide variety of needs. Structure of any web site absolutely dependent on the needs of the purpose.

Web development is an act of blending aesthetic by Look & Feel, merging smooth Users Experiences as functionality, making the site SEO, SMM, Search friendly to present and emerging technological requirements, Scopes for content creation and execution thereof are the keys to remain within the range of audience. Better sites integrate all these needs while in development process.

To develop a functional web site is to keep training yourself in the technology. By virtue of our Institute of Information Technology business model, we are ever ready to support development of web sites for any purpose.

Needs for web sites could be of eCommerce where direct sales is the commanding objectives of the business. Needs could be of a pure business for profits but requires lots of care in achieving the goals. The age / size / products and services / will also determine the nature of the site.

It could be a Social Business on business model , or an NGO just for any specific purpose. A social service oriented web site will mostly focus on users experiences based on the users demographics. Health Insurance Merchant site and Public Service Health Provider site are two different equation in approaches.

At Institute of Information Technology we would always understand the needs from the clients' perspectives. That is our principle in taking tasks on developing websites.

Apps Development

Mobile Apps are the emerging medium through which enterprises & businesses, products, services And ideas are increasingly connecting with its target audience. More and more Users are getting used to harnessing day-to-day lifestyle from the device at hand, the Mobile. The world lovingly coined it Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet.

Mobile is now the mobility of 64% of Internet users globally. To reach this mobility is to adopt apps from both ends of the spectrum. Addressing the needs of the business, and the needs of the audience. From the business side of Mobile Apps, it can help mobilizing the sales force effectively, it can analyze data for generating real time leads, increase distribution efficiency, improve inventory management, help HR to do effective HR works. Apps are good in cost effective marketing especially social media marketing. Multiple functional apps can integrate HR, sales and marketing, production, and customer support. Apps are low cost high return Internet magic. All growth-oriented future looking enterprises must have mobile apps made from dynamic places who are associated with development of Technology.

Your requirements for mobile apps and info sys tech inc capacity to defend it is uniquely matched. Institute of Information Technology offers end-to-end Apps Development Services for most user based devices like iPhone, iPad, Android. Institute of Information Technology undertakes assignments for Cross Platform App Development, Web App Development. Institute of Information Technology will go extra lengths for your custom made app. We will do testing and support, prepare the app for scaling. It has to be agile, vibrant, instantly responsive at all devices.

Institute of Information Technology offers small. medium. large enterprises wide spectrum expertise in custom mobile app creations.

Institute of Information Technology is proud to have varieties of mobile talents on the loop at all time. Our iOS Developers, Android Developers, Smartphone App Developers, Mobile UI/UX Designers, Web Application Developers, Angular Developers, Jquery and HTML Developers have experiences in developing apps for all industry verticals. We can take up custom app development tasks for any mobile operating system for any type of Mobile Application.

Business Development

Institute of Information Technology specializes in providing contemporary Technology Training to individuals, Corporate America and Government Agencies, Training human resources for better productivity and services within intended organizational structure is the principle which originates from our firm belief in Business Development. We impart training mostly for enhancing sustainability of the organizations that support us.

This is the core attitude, which guides us in working for our clients who trust Institute of Information Technology services for their Business Development. We are constantly trained naturally for our clients from the experiences we gain on daily basis encountering diversified needs for training.

Institute of Information Technology partners with Corporate, Startup, and Govt. Agencies for providing functional expertise for a long-term professional relationship. This relationship is based on do-or-die commitment, for ensuring growth management and it sustainability, providing action oriented road-map, evaluate real time by monitoring of results.





The certification exams can even be taken here, as Institute of Information Technology is an Authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center. We can be reached at 718.707-9301.