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Advanced Selenium Training Courses

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is to ensure that Software behaves in a specified manner as per Business Requirements. Testing is done to ensure that the end product is bug/error free and to validate that what has been specified is what the client actually wanted.

Why do Software Testing?

Software is becoming integral part of our daily lives. We live in the age of information. It is important maintain the quality of software that is being developed so there are no vulnerabilities to data loss. A tester’s goal is to eliminate faults as early as possible starting from the initiation of the product. It becomes more expensive for the companies to test the product when it is deployed. The whole testing process is to improve Quality, reduce cost and preserve client satisfaction.

Advanced Selenium Objective

TestNG Framework

TestNG is a wonderful off the shelf framework that can be used directly to create your test framework. We will learn about this framework here.

Automation Framework

This class will cover the concepts of Frameworks. After this the participant would got to know that which type of Framework works best for their Application and the pros & cons of the selected framework. Knowledge of frameworks is key skill to learn.

Real Time Live PROJECT – Selenium Hybrid Framework (POM)

In this class we will explore some major frameworks by looking at the code and understanding the key component of the framework.

Dev Ops & Continuous Integration

Advanced Selenium Training Courses


TestNG Framework
1.1 What is TestNG
1.2 Benefits and Features of TestNG
1.3 How to download TestNG
1.4 Annotations in TestNg
1.5 How to run Test Suite in TestNG
1.6 Groups in TestNG
1.7 Depend On in TestNG
1.8 Test Case sequencing in TestNG
1.9 TestNG Reporters
1.10 TestNG Assets
1.11 TestNG Parameters
1.12 Multi Browser testing in TestNG
1.12 Parallel testing in TestNG

Automation Framework
2.1 What is Automation Framework
2.2 Features of Automation Framework
2.3 Benefits of using Automation Framework
2.4 Different types of Automation Framework
2.5 What is Data Driven Framework
2.6 What is Hybrid Framework
What is Page Object Model Design Pattern with Page Factory and Non Page Factory with OOP concepts Interview Questions

Real Time Live PROJECT – Selenium Hybrid Framework (POM)
3.1 Introduction and Component of Frameworks
3.2 Designing Test Data Provider (Excel)
3.3 Designing Run Data Provider (Text/Property file)
3.4 Setting up Maven Build Tool
3.5 Data Provider
3.6 Creating Page Objects & Object repository
3.7 Writing Test Script and Fetching Test Data
3.8 Designing Test Runner for Framework
3.9 Asserts, Test Fails & Error logging
3.10 Reporters, TestNG Listeners and Log file Generation
3.11 Running test with different Test Data
3.12 Generating the HTML reports : Extent Report, Emailable Report

Dev Ops & Continuous Integration
4.1 Jenkins Setup Basics
4.2 Running Script via Jenkins.
4.3 Report Generation using Extent Report
4.4 GIT Repo/GIT HUB
4.5 GIT PULL Request Process
4.6 CheckIn-CheckOut Process
4.7 Push and Pull Commands
4.8 Learn how to use commit command
4.9 What is cloning in GIT
4.10 My First Code Check-in to GIT

Advanced Selenium Training Classes
  • A working knowledge of Java, C#/.Net, or Python
  • HS Diploma/GED

Advanced Selenium


Income Expectation


The average salary for a Advanced Selenium Automation Tester Employee is $93,272 in New York City. Salary estimates are provided by glassdoor.


Upon completion of this course, and the certifying exam(s), the student will be qualified to take a job as a

Selenium Tester
Automation Tester
QA Automation Tester
Software Tester
Software Engineer

Selenium with Python

Advanced Selenium Training Courses


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